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Create talking-head videos within minutes.

Use Noah to create, manage & distribute

all your video content.

We believe in the power of stories.

Brand Awareness

Use case

Grow your business.

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Use videos with great storytelling on your website and social media to attract new customers.

Why most people get video wrong?

We have interviewed hundreds of professionals to identify the most common 

problems that stops them from producing video on a regular basis.


Don't have the expertise

to create video content that consistently converts customers.


Don't have the time

to learn how to create videos or create video content regularly.


Don't have guidance

for how to look good in front of the camera.


Agencies are expensive

making it unsustainable to produce videos.


How Noah helps you get it right.

Our user friendly mobile application offers you an end-to-end video creation tool

that uses data & technology to automate storytelling through video.


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Why Noah? 

We want to enable human connection and video seems to be the right way to do it.

We are Stephanie and Philip. Together we are the founders of Noah.

It is our mission to help people who have something meaningful to say to share their knowledge with a wider audience through video. We believe we can achieve that by removing the pains in video creation, namely coming up with ideas, script writing, recording and editing.


Noah makes creating a video fun and playful and allows our creators to actually focus on what is most important - connecting with their audience through storytelling.