Create Great Talking-Head Videos

of Yourself Without the Need to Edit Them.

Use our fully integrated Video Creation App to Write, Record, Edit and

Manage all your Talking-Head Video Content.

Why most people get video wrong?

We have interviewed hundreds of professionals to identify the most common 

problems that stops them from producing video on a regular basis.

Don't have the expertise

to create video content that consistently converts customers.

Don't have the time

to learn how to create videos or create video content regularly.

Don't have guidance

for how to look good in front of the camera.

Agencies are expensive

making it unsustainable to produce videos.


How Noah helps you get it right.

Our user friendly mobile application helps you create your videos in way that is fun and easy! You’ll quickly grow your business like a pro.

1. Get guidance and use templates.

In order to make the video creation process as easy as possible we provide you with best practice guidance that Noah has developed from several years of creating high-quality talking-head videos. 

It is our goal to enable you to focus on your content and your own performance. If you follow our lead you will be creating videos of yourself in no time- unlocking the power of video for your personal and professional benefit.

2. Get help writing your scripts.

One of the hardest parts about creating a video is getting started. This is why we provide you with ideas and templates for script writing.

You can start writing the script for your next video immediately, save it anytime and then come back to it later to finish it before continuing with the next step - recording your video.

3. Record yourself with ease.

Instead of hiring an expensive videographer or professional, we enable you to record yourself while having the script being prompted to the screen of your mobile phone. 

With our telepromting and script editing features you do not need to memorise your script, allowing you to focus entirely on the delivery of what you want to say. 

4. Don't waste time on editing.

It was our biggest challenge to build an app that eliminates the need for heavy editing for our creators. Using Noah will allow you to produce great quality video content of yourself without having to know anything about editing. 


Thank us later for the time and money we save you creating your videos.


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Why Noah? 

We want to enable human connection and video seems to be the right way to do it.

We are Stephanie and Philip. Together we are the founders of Noah.

It is our mission to help people who have something meaningful to say to share their knowledge with a wider audience through video. We believe we can achieve that by removing the pains in video creation, namely coming up with ideas, script writing, recording and editing.


Noah makes creating a video fun and playful and allows our creators to actually focus on what is most important - connecting with their audience through storytelling.

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    For all enquiries, feel free to contact us.

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