Get more customers and maintain

relationships with old ones through video.

Tell us about your business and our Automated Video Agency Tool 

delivers all the materials and tools you need to succeed.




Professional Support

Why most experts get video wrong?

We have interviewed hundreds of businesses to identify the most common 

problems that end up significantly hurting their business.

Don't have the expertise

to create video content that consistently converts customers.

Don't have the time

to learn how to create videos or create video content regularly.

Don't have guidance

in front of the camera and throughout the creation process.

Agencies are expensive

and therefore are not able to sustainably produce their videos.


How Noah helps you get it right.

User friendly tools help you create your videos in way that is fun and easy to customise! You’ll quickly grow your business like a pro.

Creator space

Find Inspiration

All your tools in one place

Manage your content

Script Writing

Guidance from experts

More effective script writing


Learn how to perform in front of the camera.

Easy, effective recording technique


No editing required

Logo and brand layers


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